Muhammad Rizky Nur Karim, dr.

IFMSA Infographic Assistant 2016-2017
IFMSA Capacity Building Regional Assistant for Asia Pacific 2017-2018
IFMSA, CIMSA, ISMKI Certified Trainer

Have you ever thought about being a trainer or contributing to International Organizations like IFMSA? To answer all of your questions and doubts, we got all answers from Kang Rizky’s experience in CIMSA.

“Anyone can contribute in IFMSA as long as they are well-experienced and eager to make efforts.”

Doctor Muhammad Rizky Nur Karim stated, or familiarly called Kang Bocah who previously was a member of SCORP CIMSA FK Unpad batch 2012. As a member of CIMSA, he proved himself to be a great and impactful person. The man whose day-to-day job is a clinical intern would have thought that he is a professional trainer that had traveled to various countries around the world.

The story started when he joined CIMSA FK Unpad in his first year as a medical student. He said that he joined several organizations before because he wanted to find the one that fit him the most, and it turned out that CIMSA was the one. Just like what he had expected, CIMSA is an impactful yet fun organization, definitely a great way for Kang Bocah to prevent boredness in medical school. CIMSA also got a lot of achievements and have many opportunities for their members to go abroad that made his attention towards CIMSA stronger. Moreover, he had also served in international organization such as IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students Association)

His journey on becoming a trainer began when he was an ISMKI trainer in 2012. Then, he continued his journey by attending regional TNT (Training New Trainer) and pre-October Meeting TNT which made him an IFMSA trainer. According to his story, he wanted to be a trainer because he likes to share things with others and loves being in the spotlight. By being a trainer, he gets both. After taking regional and pre-OM TNT, Kang Bocah realized that the world is wide and there are still lots of things beyond his knowledge at the moment.

Before he became a trainer, he had been rejected many times. But his passion and perseverance in becoming a trainer gave him the strength to get back up and learn to be a better person until he comes up to be what he is today. He also experienced many rejections before he was able to gain more experiences and established himself to get a position in IFMSA as Infographic Assistant and finally contributed as Capacity Building Regional Assistant for Asia Pacific.

As an International Organization, IFMSA’s official team members spread all around the globe. Because of that, he had to go through difficulties because of the time and language differences in the team. But as long as you are happy on things you were working on, that was not a big deal. By having long-term plans, he could manage his time well.

“If I were once only a member and I could do this, why can’t you? So, when will you start? Start your own journey by being active with CIMSA!”