Tiffani Shavira Arnetha, dr.

Local Officer on Human Rights and Peace
CIMSA FK UNPAD 2015-2016

Can a doctor be a teacher too? Or even a research assistant? To answer your curiosity, we manage to have a discussion with Kak Tiffani about her experiences as a doctor, teacher and even a research assistant!

Many people believe that the medical profession is a rigid profession and they are not flexible in doing other professions. However,  Kak Tiffani was able to prove that this was just a myth. After graduated from UKMPPD and underwent an internship at one of the health centers in Bogor Regency, Kak Tiffani also had other activities such as teaching undergraduate medical students.

According to her, this activity was very beneficial and enjoyable because it was suitable to her personalities which are open-minded and cheerful. Kak Tiffani believes that she enjoys her experience as a teacher because she could open up discussions on the latest topics regarding learning systems and other interesting topics. Besides being able to channel her medical knowledge, teaching also helps her increase her knowledge of medical sciences. Cool, isn’t it? It matches perfectly with the saying of Indonesian proverb “sambil menyelam minum air.”

Well, besides teaching Kak Tiffani also became a research assistant! She became a research assistant for the consultant oncology surgeon at UI – RSCM. According to her, she applied to fill her spare time before the internship and also to gain extra experience. How did she manage to do so many things at once? She said that the key is to have a clear priority and time management!

Are you curious too, what are the activities that Kak Tiffani did when she was in college? Check it out!

During college, Kak Tiffani was very active in CIMSA. Well, besides serving as a Local Officer on Human Rights and Peace, she also served up to the national committee! Imagine how active Kak Tiffani was. Want to know why Kak Tiffani is very interested in CIMSA? According to her, CIMSA is an organization that not only continues to grow in the field of health issues but also continues to develop itself in particular areas such as public health, etc. Well, because of this she chose CIMSA.

Not only became the national official CIMSA, but Kak Tiffani is also active in the exchange. One of them was when she was delegated to Prague, Czech Republic. According to her, taking part in this exchange activity had a positive impact on her self-improvement, because besides being able to get to know a new culture there, we could also know how the development of medical education there, and also, we could improve our adaptation to the new environment. With the name of service that will demand us in terms of adapting. So, what are you waiting for, follow the footsteps of Kak Tiffani with be active with CIMSA!