Lastari Maulidya Hamida Avianto, dr.

Vice Local Coordinator for External Affairs CIMSA FK Unpad 2016-2017
Vice President for External Affairs CIMSA Indonesia 2017-2018

Always bringing a bright breeze wherever she is, was one of Kak Maudy’s most inspiring traits that capture our heart from our first greetings. She was an expert in the external field as seen from her experience as a Vice Local Coortdinator for External Affairs of CIMSA FK Unpad for the 2016 – 2017 period and Vice President for External Affairs of CIMSA Indonesia for the 2017 – 2018 period.

Kak Lastari Maulidya Hamida Avianto or usually called Kak Maudy currently busy with her activity as a Co-Assistant in Hasan Sadikin Hospital, but we manage to steal some of her time to talk to us about her life as a co-assistant and her experience with CIMSA.

Kak Maudy has been actively participating in organizations since high school, she has also been part of a biennial event. When she got into FK Unpad, her interest in Human Rights made her decide to join CIMSA and became an active member of every SCORP activities.

Kak Maudy’s love for CIMSA began when she was offered to register for the Training New Trainer at the Pre-October Meeting. That way, she got to chat with other CIMSA members and it had opened Kak Maudy’s mind as she started seeing CIMSA as a whole and from there, her love for CIMSA grew. After that, Kak Maudy always maximized every opportunity provided by CIMSA, included becoming VLE and VPE.

Becoming a CIMSA National Board while working on a thesis will never be easy. So she made a big leap of faith by registering herself to become a VPE. Fortunately, it all brings her a great lessons and invaluable experience that will be useful to help her in facing the real world, which brings us to the most interesting part of this article, The Co-Assistant Life.

Kak Maudy told us that her experience as a VPE and VLE does help in her Co-Assistant life. Being the face of CIMSA was a big challenge but also a big chance for Kak Maudy to learn in being the best version of herself. She told us a few lessons that she learned while being a VPE and VLE, one of them was the ability to read situations before deciding to do something, to do everything on time responsibly so that we don’t troubled others, and to be friendly with everyone while still being polite and stay fun while juggling over all those responsibilities. She said that grabbing as many opportunities as possible will help widen our relations, knowledge, and skills.

Kak Maudy also shared a lot of her experience while being a Co-Assistant in Hasan Sadikin Hospital, she told us that every station that she had going through has their own unique characteristics. Through co-assisting, we will be able to understand and see directly how a particular disease progressed and how the signs and symptoms evolve in a disease. Often these things create an even stronger memory and the ability for us to handle the case. We also will get a lot of memorable experiences while being a Co-Assistant while encountering a lot of extraordinary people and unique cases.

So, still think that Co-Assistant’s life is terrifying? You better think about it again because co-assistant life can be one of the happiest moments of your life, “if” you know the key and this is our chance to find that key, by exploring ourselves in CIMSA.

Kak Maudy also reminds us to always tell yourself,

“Don’t ask what CIMSA can give to you, just do as much as possible for CIMSA and CIMSA will return ten-fold opportunities for you and stay fun!”