SPOTLIGHT: Shadow Pandemic Comes to Light

Have you heard about the shadow pandemic? 90 countries have been locked down for months to try to limit the spread of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, but this restriction leads to another problem. An increase in domestic violence around the globe has been reported, which often stayed in the shadow even before the pandemic.

As proof of the shadow pandemic in Indonesia, Lembaga Bantuan Hukum (LBH) APIK Jakarta noted that from March 16 2020 to April 19 2020 they had received 97 complaints, either via hotline or email, regarding cases of violence against women. Of the 97 cases, the largest number reported was Domestic Violence (KDRT) 33 cases, followed by Online Gender Violence 30 cases, sexual harassment 8 cases, 3 cases outside of Gender-Based Violence, cases requesting information 1 case service, and others. This number is quite large considering that it only occurs within one month and has increased dramatically compared to direct complaints outside the pandemic period.

To shine a light on this problem, Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace (SCORP) CIMSA FK Unpad held an activity called SPOTLIGHT (Shadow Pandemic Comes to Light). Along with the partnerships with Yayasan Pulih, UNFPA, and UPT P2TP2A Bandung, we held this activity to raise public knowledge and awareness of the existence of domestic violence is a violation of human rights, where most of the victims are vulnerable people, that is children, women and elderly. Especially in this pandemic situation try to raising awareness about shadow pandemic so we provide information related to accessing complaint services and handling for victims of domestic violence. We also invited many people to participate in campaigns and public discussion to broaden information about domestic violence in Indonesia.

This activity was done virtually through Zoom Meeting, official account Instagram, and LINE CIMSA FK Unpad as a platform that is held in 4 interventions for 3 weeks. This activity started from August until September 2020. Beginning with online training that was held on the 7th of August 2020 for members of SCORP CIMSA FK Unpad about domestic violence by a human right trainer, Sonia Fitriani, and psychologist of Yayasan Pulih, Danika Nurkalista.

Several weeks after training we made the main activity that was a virtually public discussion with the topic about Unveiling the Curtain of Shadow Pandemic this activity held on Saturday, August 29th, 2020 with resource persons were Bu Ika Putri Dewi from Yayasan Pulih, Bu Vina Oktaviana from UPT P2TP2A Kota Bandung, and kak Risya A. Kori from UNFPA as the speakers, to discuss domestic abuse with our moderator Putri Adila, member of SCORP CIMSA. There were a lot of participants who attended our activity and very enthusiastic to learn about this topic.

After we held this activity we expected there would be Increasing public knowledge and members of the SCORP CIMSA FK Unpad regarding domestic violence as a form of shadow pandemic event, especially Increasing public knowledge of victims, regarding access to complaint services and handling of domestic violence and increase the courage of victims to report incidents of domestic violence against themselves and in their surroundings.