Adriana Damayanti, dr.

Treasurer CIMSA FK Unpad 2016-2017
Vice President for Finance CIMSA Indonesia 2017-2018

It’s not about money, but rather the process of managing money

Adriana Damayanti, dr.
Adriana Damayanti, dr.

Last week, we had an opportunity to do an interview with one of CIMSA FK Unpad alumni, dr. Adriana Damayanti or Teh Adri for short. She is a cheerful, visioner, and well-organized kind of person that already finished her internship program in Cianjur. She started her journey in CIMSA by becoming a member of SCOPE and after that, she was eager to take any opportunity in CIMSA by becoming Treasurer of CIMSA FK Unpad 2016-2017, Vice President for Finance CIMSA Indonesia 2017-2018, IFMSA Certified Trainer, attending Asia Pacific Regional Meeting Tokyo in 2017, and also joining SCOPE exchange program to Prague in 2019. With all of those experiences, we wanted to get to know more about how Teh Adri regulated all the financial activities in CIMSA.

When we asked Teh Adri about the reason why she chose to be active in finance field of CIMSA by becoming the Treasurer CIMSA FK Unpad and then continued taking part as Vice President for Finance (VPF) CIMSA Indonesia, Teh Adri answered, “I am used to managing money and I think learning finance is also my passion.” Teh Adri also stated that she was grateful to take the opportunities and meet such a supportive environment and great teamwork which made her cherish every moment in CIMSA, despite there were ups and downs that couldn’t be denied during those periods. “When I look back now, I realize that I’m lucky that I didn’t miss the opportunities to take those chances because I learned and gained a lot from these experiences,” Teh Adri said.

As a VPF, Teh Adri was required to have good communication and negotiation skills due to VPF’s role in persuading companies, United Nations’ Agencies (UNA), even Government Organizations (GO), or other sponsorships to achieve an agreement. Another important thing she learned after becoming a VPF was being a good leader meant you should empower and be helpful for your team members. Regulating all the financial activities of 23 locals, more than 10.000 medical students all over Indonesia, 600 activities, 6 standing committees, and 7 national meetings made Teh Adri get used to working under pressure, learning about time management, and coping mechanisms.          

In addition, for becoming a good treasurer, especially in an organization, there are some criterias that you need. You need to be organized because as a treasurer you will be the key person in financial planning in the organization. Since money is a sensitive thing, honesty is really important, and since finance isn’t our major you have to be willing to learn. You can learn about finance from many sources like journals, case studies, and books.

According to Teh Adri, good financial management is a managerial activity when you can make a balance between income and outcome so every activity in an organization can go well. Managing money is a crucial thing because every execution costs money. If there is a deficit, the event will not run but if there is a surplus then the event will be considered as a successful event. So, how to manage the money of organization? Don’t worry, there are some tips from Teh Adri!

  1. Make your financial plan, because only we knew our personal financial needs!
  2. Be realistic! Don’t be too optimistic but don’t be too pessimistic too.
  3. Always prepare a reserve fund.
  4. Seek for all possible opportunities! Other than fundraising, you can get income from sponsorship and the dean.
  5. Keep your extra money!

Then lastly, Teh Adri leaves some messages for CIMSA FK Unpad members. First, know your potential. When you know what is your passion and you can be consistent with your passion, you will be a representation in the right place where you can make a greater impact on others. Second, as a medical student, having a good work-life balance is an important thing. Last but not least, CIMSA has a board realm, you can get everything from CIMSA. So, let’s develop yourself in CIMSA!