APMEC 2020

The Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference (APMEC) 2020 is a medical education conference in the Asia-Pacific region which is held on January 8th – 12th, 2020, in Singapore, by the Organizing Committee of APMEC 2020 and the Center for Medical Education (CenMED), Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, National University Health System. The program began with Pre-Conference workshops on January 8th – 9th, Main Conference on January 10th – 11th, and Post Conference workshops on January 12th. Pre-Conference Workshops and Post Conference workshops were held at the National University of Singapore, while the Main Conference was held at the Resorts World Convention Center, Resort World Sentosa, Singapore.
APMEC 2020 is the 17th year that APMEC was held, and has grown and strengthened since it was first held. Participants involved in APMEC 2020 are now not only limited to the Asia-Pacific region but also from around the world.
This year’s APMEC theme is Nurturing Values ​​for Effective Practice – Trend-Issues-Priorities-Strategies (TIPS). Materials were presented by experts in medical and healthcare professional education in interesting sessions such as keynotes, plenary sessions, panel discussions, and symposiums. We also had the opportunity to listen to the voices of medical students from other parts of the world in free communication and short communication sessions. APMEC has successfully provided a platform for its participants to share experiences and learn from experts on the latest issues in the world of medical education. We as participants who are still medical students feel very amazed and certainly lucky to be able to come to this event. We also met with other IFMSA members from other parts of the world and had the opportunity to discuss with each other about the topics discussed.
One of the sessions that captured our most attention was Symposium 2 with the theme “Readying Healthcare Professionals for a Lifetime of Learning”. This material was presented by three outstanding presenters. The first is Susan Skochelak from the American Medical Association, USA. The second speaker was Kathy Chappell from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, USA. Last but not least, Graham McMahon from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, USA. In this symposium, we were invited to express our opinions and discuss with each other, so that the session is very interactive and unforgettable.
Following APMEC 2020 has certainly opened our minds as medical students about how medical education systems are implemented in other parts of the world, what are the issues that are happening, how are their priorities, and what strategies can we do both as medical students or medical and healthcare professional educators to be able to jointly handle this. It is expected that the following years APMEC will continue to be held because such events are very beneficial for the advancement of medical education. Therefore, see you at APMEC 2021!