BUNDA GEULIS: Berantas Stunting dengan ASI Eksklusif, Imunisasi, dan Sanitasi

BUNDA GEULIS (Berantas Stunting dengan ASI Eksklusif, Imunisasi, dan Sanitasi) is SCOPH and SCORA CIMSA FK UNPAD’s community development program focusing on how to prevent stunting with the cadres of Desa Jatiroke, Jatinangor. This year, we brought the topics about how to prevent stunting with breastfeeding, immunization, and good sanitation. This activity was divided into three interventions. All of the interventions were held online via the WhatsApp group due to the Global Pandemic of COVID-19.

The first intervention is the bonding session which was held for four days from September 9th – 12th 2020. In this intervention, we introduced ourselves, BUNDA GEULIS, and played a lot of educational games with the cadres. The cadres who won each of the games each day will get prizes and at the end of our bonding, there were also door prizes for lucky cadres. The second intervention was the Sanitation Class which was held from September 19th – 20th 2020. In this class, the cadres were divided into groups with facilitators from the BUNDA GEULIS’s committee in each group. We shared information about sanitation and its role in preventing stunting via Video Call with the cadres. Last, in the third intervention, we held a lecture and FGD session about Exclusive breastfeeding and Immunization. This intervention was held from September 26th – 27th 2020. On the first day, we had an asynchronous lecture about exclusive breastfeeding from dr. Mutiara Rahmani, Sp.A. from AIMI JABAR. After watching the lecture, we had a Q&A session with dr. Mutiara about this topic and continued with the FGD session. The next day, we held a lecture about immunization using an infographic led by 2 BUNDA GEULIS’s committees. Both topics were related to our focus on the prevention of stunting in children. 

In the end, we had finished our community development program successfully this year. Although with all the limitations, we hope the materials that we deliver will forever be useful to the cadres and the people in Desa Jatiroke, Jatinangor. We hope that the cadres will know about the importance of breastfeeding, immunization, and sanitation in preventing stunting on children. Lastly, we hope that the memories that we already made together will forever stay in everyone’s heart.