Exchange Fair 2017 : Trouvaille ( Travelling Over Various Nations and Illuminates Your Exchange Experience ) is a local project of SCOPE X SCORE CIMSA Unpad which was held back in 26th April 2017. Trouvaille is a French word meaning a chance to encounter something wonderful. As the name implies, this event aims to increase student’s interest in Research and Professional Exchange, and hoping they will find something wonderful in their adventure accross the ocean. Also in this event, we give the participants a brief information about countries available for exchange to increase their curiousity and so they can choose a country according to their interests.

Travelling to other countries is important, why? As a medical student, you can compare the health system in Indonesia and other countries. Indonesia may have a good health system, but other countries may have better. Here we are providing facilities to our medical students so they can learn new things from our neighboring country and implement their new knowledge for the sake of our country, Indonesia.

Exchange Fair 2017 : Trouvaille consist of two main section. The first section is a presentation by LEO and LORE CIMSA UNPAD about exchange (all about exchange) and then talkshow with past exchange student to know more tips and tricks to go exchange. The second section is game section, where all the participants move to the game area and have fun there. There is also a stand selling form where all the participants can ask any questions they have before buying the exchange form.

Finally, we all go home with a smile on our face and a fiery spirit to go exchange!