Dea Aprilianti Permana, dr.

Local Public Health Officer CIMSA FK UNPAD 2013-2014
Supervising Council CIMSA FK UNPAD 2014-2015

Have you ever wondered how writing can be so essential to your life? Well, you should keep reading this article to get the answers!

Never get tired of trying to be useful to others are things we learn from dr. Dea Apriliani Permana, familiarly called Kak Dea, one of the alumni of CIMSA FK Unpad. Besides being a doctor, surprisingly, it turns out that Kak Dea is also a reliable article writer. For her, writing is not only a hobby but also a job that help her earns money, wow!

Starting from making daily personal notes about medical sciences, she decided to develop her skill in making health articles and even research. Today, after undergoing an internship, Kak Dea is working both as a general practitioner and a secretary of the professional quality committee at Bhayangkara Hospital. Before, she worked as a research assistant for the Paediatrics and Child Health Department (Neonatology) at Hasan Sadikin Hospital and also an article writer on Health Empowerment and Education Project (HEUP) and had become a part of Alodokter as an interactive medical advisor. At this time, Kak Dea dreams of becoming a pediatrician because she always loves children and wants to implement her interest in advancing child health in Indonesia both through her profession as a doctor and as an article writer. Despite her busy activities, she definitely can still write. Are you curious about how all this habit begin?

Her expertise in writing began with pre-clinical education. At first, she only wrote daily personal notes on medical science that she got from the class, and inspired by one of her senior whose notes was used by her friends to study. Departing from there, the desire to complete her notes appeared with the intention of helping her friends to learn medical science. Starting from the preparation of SOOCA and OSCE, a lot of her friends learned from her notes and felt really thankful to her, that was her biggest motivation to keep writing so that she could help his fellow colleagues in facing the test.

Over time, her writing skills were well known and surprisingly, she got an offer to be the author of articles in HEUP, a startup that focused on educating the public about health problems. At this time, the obstacles began to emerge. She found the difficulties explaining medical problems with an understandable explanation and finding evidence-based to break the myths that exist in society. But, thanks to her experience at CIMSA, Kak Dea became familiar with these challenges.

From her habit of writing, she gets many benefits, starting from the pleasure of sharing knowledge, seeing how her writing helps people understand health problems, and make it easier for her to conduct research which is certainly useful when she wants to register as a specialist. Interesting, right?

If you think that you don’t have time, maybe you should hear this one story from Kak Dea. During the pre-clinic education, Kak Dea joined basketball, Senate, and of course CIMSA. With many organizations and teams that she joined, she could still actively participate in CIMSA by becoming Local Public Health Officer and Supervising Council.

“I always write any activity that I plan to do in details on my agenda book because I always avoid being a deadliner. By doing that, I can easily select which activities I prioritize to do beforehand”, she added. Such a piece of good advice for us who have difficulties in time management!

Finally, Kak Dea told us to keep up the spirit in CIMSA, look for self-motivation to start writing, contribute as a part of the official team, participate in national events, and taking part in thesis assistance. Because of all these things, there would be a lot of benefits we can take. So, what are you waiting for? Start writing, now!