Gilberto Chafrina, dr.

Local Coordinator CIMSA FK Unpad 2016-2017
Supervising Council CIMSA FK Unpad 2017-2018

Approachable, creative, idealistic, and competitive are the four best words to describe the outstanding senior we interviewed this time, Kang Gilberto Charfina, or familiarly called Kang Gio, as a Local Coordinator CIMSA FK Unpad 2016-2017. While waiting for his Hippocratic oath ceremony that will be held next week, we manage to steal some of his time to talk about his memorable journey with CIMSA.

Having an elder brother who was also a Local Officer on Research Exchange, Kang Gio had received early detail pieces of information about CIMSA, a long time before he even attended medical school. He was highly impressed with CIMSA, especially the jacket. Well, we can’t underestimate “The Jacim Power”.

As CIMSA grows and develops, Kang Gio decided to maximize his potential by being part of the Officials. He braced himself to make CIMSA better and wanted all the members to love CIMSA as much as he loves CIMSA. He fell in love with CIMSA through many processes and obstacles. He learned that an outstanding leader will not limit the member’s creativity and make sure that members have a sense of belonging with CIMSA.

Being asked about the best moment in CIMSA, “My best moment in CIMSA was my one year period as part of the Official Team,” without any doubt he answered. Life values ​​and various soft skills, those are priceless things that could only be gained by being an Official Team.

To become part of the Official Team, here are some tips from Kang Gio:

  1. Don’t just register, find out first what your goal is.
  2. Look for local evaluation by asking the relevant officials, and think of new strategies.
  3. Being part of the Official Team is not only about self-development. Elaborate your mindset on how to develop the organization.
  4. Communicate effectively with local officials, alumni, seniors, and also Official Team from other locals. The more people you are spoken to, the more information will be obtained.

Finally, Kang Gio left a message to always remember that CIMSA stands for “Center for Indonesian Medical Students’ Activities”, which every word has been truly describing the breath of this organization. If you are a medical student who wants to elaborate on your thoughts, ideas, and creativity through an activity-based project, then CIMSA is the right place to go.