Maulana Girsang Muda Rambe

Local Coordinator CIMSA FK Unpad 2017—2018
Vice President for Internal Affairs CIMSA Indonesia 2018—2019
Supervising Council CIMSA Indonesia 2019—2020

Maximizing Organizational Experience and Benefits.

Maulana Girsang Muda Rambe
Maulana Girsang Muda Rambe

Enthusiastic, straightforward, and ambitious are the words that describe Kang Girsang from our first meeting. Kang Maulana Girsang Muda Rambe, or Kang Girsang for short, is one of the Supervising Council of CIMSA Indonesia on the 2019—2020 period. Currently busy with his clinical year of study, we managed to steal some of his time to talk about his experience in organization especially CIMSA.

Kang Girsang decides to be active in CIMSA because CIMSA is a structured organization that provides lots of opportunities for the members to improve and be better. The most interesting experience he got from CIMSA is when he became a part of the local and national officials team. His eagerness to be one of CIMSA’s National Officials began when he attended Training New Trainer (TNT). There, he was surrounded by many officials. From that moment, he was motivated to be like them. Eventually, he became the Local Coordinator of CIMSA FK Unpad in the 2017—2018 period, Vice President for Internal Affairs of CIMSA Indonesia in the 2018—2019 period, and Supervising Council of CIMSA Indonesia in 2019—2020 period.

Organization is a platform to develop and becoming a better version of ourselves,” Kang Girsang said. Before we join any organization, we must be prepared to maximize our organizational experience. And for that, Kang Girsang advised us to know ourselves first. Find out what we are lack in and what we want to achieve, and find out if the organization could provide that. Do some research on the organization and think carefully before joining. He also added that organizations are not only available inside the university but also outside of the university.

According to Kang Girsang, the benefits gained from joining an organization are numerous. However, the most important thing is that by joining an organization, we will get a chance to enhance our soft skills and hard skills. Public speaking, interpersonal communication skills, and problem-solving are three of the various benefits that Kang Girsang gets from joining organizations, especially CIMSA. These things are very useful for Kang Girsang’s social life. That way now Kang Girsang can position himself well with various types of people. Kang Girsang is also certainly required to be someone who can be a decision-maker. With that, Kang Girsang became used to solving various problems.

In addition to these soft skills, Kang Girsang also gained hard skills such as creating a good presentation and making posters using Photoshop. Being a National Officials of CIMSA, Kang Girsang is also required to be intelligent and well-informed. This way, Kang Girsang’s literacy skills were also increased. Kang Girsang said that no matter who we are, as long as we have the capability, we can always be confident. These traits will be valuable in the future, and organizations are one of the ways to achieve them.

So, how do we get these benefits? According to Kang Girsang, you’ll be able to get these benefits by being aware of what we want to obtain and always seek for new opportunities that’ll help you achieve these benefits. Therefore, by being active in the right organization, we will definitely achieve the benefits we wish to have, like what Kang Girsang said about the famous quotes in CIMSA which is “The more we do for CIMSA, the more what CIMSA also gives to us all.” This quote can be implemented in any organization, as long as we maintain ourselves to be active and give our best to the organization.

In the life of organizations, anyone will have a sense of boredom and felt overwhelmed, it most definitely will happen. What is important is how you deal with it. According to Kang Girsang, it is okay if you want to take a break for 1 to 2 weeks as long as you keep telling your peers because communication is key to an organization. Informing your condition to your peers will help them understand and thus they can help to take over any responsibilities you might have. Therefore, the organization can keep running and you can have your well-deserved rest. Always know, that people around you will always support you.

Then lastly, Kang Girsang leaves a message to CIMSA FK Unpad, which he wish for CIMSA FK Unpad to always evolve for the better and offer new opportunities to members. For its members, take as many opportunities as possible at CIMSA. Do not waste it, and don’t regret it later on, like Kang Girsang said, “It’ll be your own loss.”