Sarah Shabrina, S.Ked

Local Officer on Research Exchange
CIMSA FK UNPAD 2016-2017
National Officer on Research Exchange
CIMSA Indonesia 2017-2018
Advisory Board SCORE
CIMSA Indonesia 2018-2019

Do you have any interest in research? Or maybe some of you have a dream of being an exchange student in your desired country and need some insight about it? To answer your thirst, we managed to steal some time to discuss research, exchange, and experience from Teh Sarah Shabrina, familiarly called Teh Sarshab. 

Some of you might have heard about Teh Sarshab, she is currently a member of the SCORE CIMSA Advisory Board for the 2018 – 2019 period. She was a LORE for the period of 2016 – 2017 and a NORE for 2017 – 2018 period. Become both an advisory Board of CIMSA National and a co-assistant in RSHS, she sacrificed some of her activity and create her own priorities as she is a very organized person.

Teh Sarshab told us that her first exposure to research and exchange was never intentional. But along the way, she learned that being involved in research and exchange is fun and it teaches us a lot of valuable skills that we need as a medical student. We know that research plays an important part in the advancement of medicine, but the challenges we likely found are that the lack of knowledge about research and stigma among people that research is only for nerd people and difficult to do. Eventually, these reasons cause low interest in research among students nowadays.

“Research is so important, especially for us as a medical student. Having knowledge about research will help us at writing a thesis in residency and help us in determining an outbreak as a clinician”, she said.

She thought that we must start to learn from now, knowing in the future that journal reading is essential and through that, we can learn how to pick an eligible journal as a source, how to process a data and how to create good scientific papers.

She also shared her insight about the exchange as she was chosen as one of the outgoing to Turkey but couldn’t attend as she had to prioritize her duty as a NORE in attending the IFMSA August Meeting in Tanzania. The primary difference between professional and research exchange is that in research exchange, you need to choose which title of the research you desire while in professional exchange all you need to choose is the department. You will be upgraded about how to do the research and what protocol you need to know. You will also be given some tasks to create a scientific paper or presentation. In research exchange, you can choose either a laboratory or community-based research. The challenges are, in community-based research, you need to understand the local language as you will interact a lot with the local community.

She told us that her journey was unexpected. The preceding LORE motivated her to become a project officer for the first SWAT, one of SCORE’s project, and from there she started to become more active in SCORE by continuing her involvement and becomes a LORE and NORE.