A collaboration project by SCORA and SCORP CIMSA FK Unpad.

It was on 1977 in Nations General Assembly, that the United Nations declared March 8th as the UN Day of women’s right and world peace. Ever since, countries all around the world celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th annually.

Indonesia is ranked 88th on gender equality, a poor ranking for one of the biggest country in the world. As medical students, CIMSA, to be more specific, SCORA and SCORP, have such high concern about this issue. And as an effort to raise awareness about gender equality, SCORP CIMSA FK Unpad, together with SCORA CIMSA FK Unpad celebrated International Women’s Day by doing a campaign.

The aim of the campaign was to raise the awareness of students in Jatinangor about gender equality and women empowerement. On the event we held on March 16th 2017, we spoke a lot not only about gender equality, but also about how big the changes that women can brought through their actions. By doing this, we hope it will empower the women in Jatinangor to be braver in taking action and in making positive changes.

We did the campaign on Gerbang Lama, Universitas Padjadjaran, in aiming to educate students of Unpad about gender equality and women empowerment. With a big amount of human resource, we printed out a few copies of infographics and divided ourselves into smaller groups to educate and ask people to sign in our support banner.

It was a very beautiful, memorable, and sacred evening to speak loudly about women and their powers.