ATTRACK: Attain A Collaboration of Health Workforce

Interprofessional education (IPE) is a system that emphasizes the collaboration practice of health-profession students. Interprofessional education is an important step in preparing a “collaborative practice-ready” health workforce that is better prepared to respond to local health needs. If a collaborative team environment has been built, it will enhance patient care quality and improve health outcomes.
However, interprofessional education is still odd in Indonesia. Many health-profession students don’t know about interprofessional education and how important it is. Therefore, SCOME CIMSA UNPAD, collaboration with Volunteer Doctor conducts an event to increase the knowledge and awareness of medical complex students of Unpad about interprofessional education.
The name of this event is ATTRACK: Attain A collaboration of Health Workforce” This activity occurs at October 26th 2019 in Faculty of Nursery UNPAD. The activity was followed by twenty participants from Medical Complex Universitas Padjadjaran. We start the activity at 9:30 am, with some speech from our project officer, Dickry Abil. After that we held a seminar about IPE, and we gratefully receive much new knowledge and insight about IPE from our speakers, Mrs. Bella, S. Ked., as Leader of Volunteer Doctor Jawa Barat. The seminar theme is “Introduction to IPE”, and the content is very applicative, so the participant could imagine the future that they want to be.
For a better understanding, the seminar is followed by a talkshow from Mr. Richard, S.Ked, as Vice Leader, and we also bring some health issues to be integrated with interprofessional education. “Non-communicable disease and Mental health” is the issue that we used, as the issues are very related to current nation health problems. The talkshow was active, and we got many interesting discussions here. Besides, we also served some games for making every medical complex student bind together and break the barrier between them, the game’s name is “watermelon”. By this game, they could share the happiness and relieve their stress level. This game can reflect one of the outcomes from IPE which is Teamwork. By having good teamwork with the collaboration, every profession can improve the health service for increasing future Indonesia’s health. At the end of the event, we captured the moment by taking some pictures together.
We hope after this activity, the participants will know more about interprofessional education and in the future, we as health care providers could collaborate advancing our nation’s health.