SHARPE – Sharing and Learning with SCOPE

SHARPE, Sharing and Learning with SCOPE, is one of SCOPE CIMSA FK Unpad’s activities that is focused on learning English together with students, especially the students in SMP Muhammadiyah Jatinangor. On the first intervention, we learnt new vocabularies together through listening to some English songs. At the end of the first intervention, we made a small group discussion to get closer to them and get to know them better.

In our second intervention, we also had some fun together by learning new vocabularies through playing some games, such as ‘Guess the Word’ and ‘Left-Right’. The students were happy and enthusiastic during the day. As usual, we reviewed the new vocabularies and the vocabularies we had learnt on our first intervention. We ended the day by having a botram lunch with the students. The students were also involved in cooking the food! At last, to keep the day’s memories last long, we took some more pictures and recorded some videos with the students.

SHARPE – Sharing and Learning with SCOPE really did its part to open up our perspectives on learning English, especially when we got to learn with the students of SMP Muhammadiyah Jatinangor, because in SHARPE, we didn’t only learn. Instead, we also shared stories, discussed many things, including each of our dreams, had fun and created a strong bond with the students as our target community. We hope these 2 interventions could not only make the students and SCOPE CIMSA FK Unpad’s members got even closer, but also help the students to learn English with innovative and exciting methods, so they can share about English to others as well.