As a celebration of World Diabetes Day (WDD) 2018 which commemorated on 14th November and as a standing committee who is committed to take part in improving medical student’s knowledge and skills in the medical field and also to improve community’s awareness and knowledge about public health, SCOPH CIMSA FK Unpad held a project named REMEDY (Raising Awareness and Empowering Women to Eradicate Diabetes). The purpose of this project is to raise people’s knowledge about Diabetes Mellitus including the etiology, signs and symptoms, and how to prevent it from happening by changing our lifestyle and diet.

On this project we did 6 interventions that overall consist of exercise, screening with medical check up which include height and weight test, waist circumference measurement, blood pressure check, and blood glucose check. We also educated the caders by giving them lecture about Diabetes. As the final intervention, along as a way to commemorate World Diabetes Day, we did campaign on CFD Dago together withour 20 volunteers by singing ‘REMEDY! Ayo makan sehat, cegah diabetes! Ayo olahraga, cegah diabetes! Hey manis, kurangi yuk gulanya! Hey manis, kurangi yuk gulanya!’  We also did diabetes exercise in SMAN 1 Bandung as one of our way to change people lifestyle in order to avoid diabetes, gave education about diabetes to small groups of people by showing them REMEDY poster and assess their understanding by giving them pre-test and post-test, and did free medical check up that consists of: blood pressure check, weight and height check, blood sugar test, cholesterol tests, and uric acid test for limited amount of people. After all the activities were done, we stood in a circle formation and hold a blue circle, the symbol to raise diabetes awareness, and took some photos in SMAN 1 Bandung’s field.

This project was such a great opportunity for SCOPH members and the 20 volunteers to raise our knowledge about diabetes, improve our soft skill when we educate others and share our knowledge to others so they can understand and continue to share it to other people as well, and raise our hard skill when doing the medical check up. With this project, we hope that people awareness about diabetes will increase and they will start changing they lifestyle and diet in order to prevent diabetes. We also hope that REMEDY 2018 will continuously improve the capability of CIMSA’s members, especially for SCOPH, as medical students.