On 29th September 29th, October 28th, November 3rd 2018, SCOPH CIMSA FK Unpad had done REMEDY (Raising Awareness and Empowering Women to Eradicate Diabetes) 3rd-5th intervention to people on RW07 Cipacing, Jatinangor, as a way to commemorate World Diabetes Day on November 14th.

            On the third intervention started with aerobic exercise with RW 07 Cipacing’s villagers, continued by giving them free medical check up which include anthropometry, blood pressure measurement, glucose, cholesterol, and uric acid check (GCU Check). After we finished the medical check-up, we made sure the participants were well educated about healthy lifestyle and the risk of diabetes.

Next, on fourth intervention we held a lecture session to inform and educate the caders about diabetes mellitus. The lecture was given by dr. Siska Wiramihardja, M.Kes, Sp.GK. The lecture session was aimed to acknowledge the caders all about diabetes, so that they can share the information to another villagers in RW 7, Desa Cipacing, Jatinangor and become aware about diabetes. At the end of this intervention, it closed by ‘liwetan’ and also photo session that could strengthen our relationship.

On the fifth intervention, which is our last intervention in RW 7, Desa Cipacing,Jatinangor, the caders who had been trained in the fourth intervention gave the villagers lecture about diabetes with the same goals, to inform and educate them about diabetes mellitus. The intervention started by aerobic exercise in the morning. Then, the lecture session as the main event by the caders as the resources person and continued by discussion session. At the discussion session, many participants was enthusiastic to know more about diabetes by asking some questions. The intervention closed by closing statement by CIMSA FK Unpad member’s to conclude and review the participants knowledge about diabetes. At the end, there was also photo session with all participants and caders to capture the great moments.

            This project was a great opportunity to raise SCOPH CIMSA FK Unpad member’s, caders’s, and RW07 Desa Cipacing, Jatinangor villagers’s knowledge about diabetes, including the etiology, signs and symptoms, and how to prevent it from happening by changing the lifestyle and diet. With this project, we hope we could make an impact to the society so that they could change their lifestyle in order to prevent diabetes and continuously improve the capability of CIMSA’s member, especially SCOPH, as medical students.