SYNTHESIS: Say No to Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

On November 16th 2019, SCORA CIMSA FK Unpad held an intervention to SMK Baabul Kamil with SYNTHESIS: Say No to Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence. There, we encountered our little brother and sisters that looked very curious about who we are and what we’re doing, while we’re sticking the SYNTHESIS Banner. At about 10.30 am, we started the event, lead by SYNTHESIS’ Project Officer, Gabriella Metar. We explained about what SYNTHESIS is to the SMK students. Since SYNTHESIS stands for Say No to Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence, we told them that at their age, they should have been aware of this issue, and this event has a goal to give them knowledge about the issue, to prevent them from experiencing the undesirable experience. The event continued with the distribution of snacks and invited them to play games that we had prepared.

This game was lead by our LORA, Dinda Nursyafira Misyatin. She picked 10 students and divided them into 2 groups that consisted of girls and boys. The first group gets a chance to play first, each one of them was given a rafia string which they should tie around their belly, and they should put it together to the group leader. After that, all members of the group went far away from each other as long as the string tied between the belly of group members and group leaders. Then, they closed their eyes while the group leaders kept their eyes open, and had a right to call each one of their group members. When the name of group member is called, the member should move toward the group leader until the group leader gives further instruction based on what they want. Group 2 also did the same thing as the first group. The message from this game was about Personal Space, which is the topic of discussion that day.

As the topic was delivered, our brothers and sisters in SMK looked like they just discovered a new insight. Maybe they might not understand all the topics that we had given, so we opened a question and answer session, and they were very interactive. After the QnA session ended, we proceed with a certificate awarding to the speaker that day, Dinda Nursyafira, by Project Officer of Synthesis, Gabriella Metar. The event was then closed with a photo session with our brothers and sisters from SMK Baabul Kamil.

We hope SYNTHESIS could give a meaningful knowledge and insight to our brothers and sisters in SMK Baabul Kamil, so that they could grow with a knowledge embedded in their mind, that prevents them from undesirable experience. We hope this encounter will be a memorable experience for both SMK Baabul Kamil and SCORA CIMSA FK Unpad.