Standing Committee on Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV & AIDS (SCORA) works on some different fields where one of its fields of work is concerning HIV & AIDS and other STIs. Working in this field, each year we celebrate World AIDS Day which fell on the first day of December. This year, CIMSA FK Unpad held an event named WADIDAW: World AIDS Day in Role to Defeat Stigma and Raise Awareness on HIV Transmissions for Awesome Future to celebrate the World AIDS Day 2019.

WADIDAW consisted of several activities to celebrate World AIDS Day which aimed to decrease stigma in the community towards people with HIV & AIDS and raise people’s awareness of AIDS prevention and HIV transmission. The series of activities consisted of social experiment, socialization at lectures in FK Unpad, seminar and talk show at Desa Sayang, and the main event which was a celebration on CFD Dago, Bandung.

The Social Experiment aims to find out how much the community cares about ODHA (Orang Dengan HIV & AIDS), which was carried out around Unpad’s Market and Brooklyn Unpad which are usually crowded by students and the community. Some of them hugged and shook hands with our ‘ODHA’, but most of them simply looked and walked away. We also conducted interviews with the surrounding community and the result shows that most people are afraid of making physical contact with ODHA due to the fear of contracting HIV, this shows that the public still lacks knowledge about the transmission of HIV.

We also conducted socialization on HIV & AIDS by showing our Social Experiment video at the lecture while collecting donations to be given to children with HIV & AIDS. Then, we held a seminar and talk show in Desa Sayang, Jatinangor on November 24, 2019, at the Hall of Desa Sayang. We invited dr. Aulia Marsya and Kak Iwan Djugo (Abbey) from Puzzle Indonesia as the resource persons, we talked about topics around HIV & AIDS. With the seminar and talk show, we aimed at reducing the stigma of people towards ODHA and ADHA (Anak Dengan HIV & AIDS) community.

Right on December 1st 2019 which was our peak event, we collaborated with Puzzle Indonesia and the ADHA community to do flashmob, ground campaign, and fun drawing for ADHA and other children who took part in CFD around Dago, Bandung. On this day, we also provide free nutrition checks or anthropometry for ADHA and continue collecting donations that will be donated to KPA (Komisi Penanggulangan AIDS) Bandung.

We hope that the knowledge about HIV & AIDS prevention and transmission can be conveyed to the wider community, providing good benefits for the community as well as ODHA and ADHA, and change people’s stigma against ODHA and ADHA so that discrimination can be reduced in our society.