SWAT: Skripsi, Workshop, and Training X INSERSI

Skripsi, Workshop, and Training (SWAT) is a SCORE CIMSA FK Unpad activity that aimed to help third-year medical students of Unpad for their upcoming minor thesis. This year, SCORE CIMSA FK Unpad collaborated with INSERSI (Inspirasi dan Sharing Skripsi) of HIMA FK Unpad to do the activity together.

SWAT x INSERSI consisted of 2 main interventions, where we had a thesis introduction, sharing thesis experience, and a presentation on research methods and ethics. The target of these interventions is third-year medical students of Unpad, batch 2017.

These interventions were carried out in 3 days. At the first meeting, SWAT X INSERSI was conducted on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 in C.3.3.1 FK Unpad. The event began with the presentation of ‘Introduction to Minor Thesis and Its Guidelines’ by dr. Fadhal Muhammad Ahmad and ‘Abstract and Introduction’ by dr. Rahardian Nugi Sutrisno. After the material presentation, a talk show was held with Bening Mauliddina R., Annisa Dewi N., Manik Intan Gumilang, and Ino Hajrin Ilham, members of the FK Unpad students’ batch 2016 who were doing their thesis writing. The participants seemed enthusiastic by conducting questions and answers during the talk show.

In the second meeting, the activities were carried out in two places, C3.3.1 FK Unpad for students who had medical record topics and C3.3.2 FK Unpad for students who chose lab topics. Research methods and ethics topic was brought by Nur Atik, dr., M. Kes., Ph.D. for medical record and Fachreza Aryo Damara for lab topics. We discussed much technically about proposal writing.

The third meeting was held in C3.3.1 FK Unpad on Thursday, November 14th, 2019. The presenter of this meeting was Indah Amelia, dr., M.KM. She told a lot about community research, started with the basics of community research, the targets, the data collection, and the difference between social and science community research. Then, she taught the students how to submit ethical research and how to make permission to research Kesbangpol.