PLATFORM: Plastic Free for Mother Nature

From the 28th of October to the 22nd of November, SCORP CIMSA FK UNPAD took a stand in making their campus a greener, thus healthier and more environmentally friendly. Plastic Free for Mother Nature (PLATFORM), the event which was used as a medium for the aforementioned actions were conceptualized under the belief that the current status quo which shows the high prevalence of plastic; and worse yet, Styrofoam is still at a level of dire concern. Upon further survey, we indeed found how more than 80% of vendors in FK UNPAD’s canteen still use many plastic/styrofoam based eating utensils.
In response to this result, PLATFORM conducted a campaign from the 28th – 30th of October 2019 that uses both air and ground campaign strategies directed to all society components in FK UNPAD from the students of Veterinary program, Midwifery program, to Medical program, and even the vendors in the canteen. The campaign aimed at raising their awareness of the dangers of plastic and styrofoam use on not just the environment but the diverse health risks that it poses to humans. The ground campaign was done by all SCORP members at every lunch-time in C6.1 Building’s canteen.

Here, a lot of information was shared about how simple things such as bringing private water tumblers and lunch boxes can exponentially reduce our carbon footprint and plastic usage, while the air campaign was done through the showcasing of various infographics shared on Instagram and another through a link in order that we use as little waste as possible. From these array of interactive campaigns, it is found that many people are still reluctant to bring their own reusable eating utensils due to a lack of facility. For instance, many demands that in return to having them bring water tumblers, the faculty also provides them with water refill stations.
Which is what PLATFORM did for its next event: Waste Free Weeks, where from the 18th-22nd of November 2019, every FK UNPAD society members are encouraged to bring their own reusable water tumbler, lunch box, straws, bags, and any other reusable products to show their care for mother nature. In return to their participation, SCORP decided to return the favor of ‘en-greening’ FK UNPAD by providing charge-free water refill stations distributed from C3, C4, and C5 buildings. This movement was further promoted by also encouraging participants to snapgram their partake in the action.
The final show of this activity was by holding a talk show hosted by Mrs. Anilawati Nurwakhidin from Yayasan Pengembangan Biosains dan Bioteknologi (YPBB) and Mrs. Elya Malakomar, the environmental health representative from Puskesmas Jatinangor. A guest speaker from The Ministry of Health, Mr. Iwan Nefawan also took part in the talk show. In it, SCORP members, FK UNPAD students, and canteen sellers learned even more about a green and waste-free lifestyle and even more about the health risk of plastic and styrofoam usage. Go green snacks such as lemper, lontong isi, and bakcang where also provided for free for the participants to enjoy. Spoiler alert: they were all packaged in leaves, yes, literal leaves. That’s how green this event was.