Rifky Fakhri Mochammad

Local Coordinator CIMSA FK Unpad 2018-2019
Vice President for Internal Affair CIMSA Indonesia 2019-2020

CIMSA allowed me to explore new things and from that, I decided to make the best of it by taking advantage of the abundant opportunities here.

Rifky Fakhri Mochammad
Rifky Fakhri Mochammad

This February, we got an opportunity to interview one of CIMSA FK Unpad’s senior, Kang Rifky Fakhri Mochammad, or familiarly called Kang Kiky. He was the Local Coordinator (LOCO) CIMSA FK Unpad 2018-2019 and Vice President for Internal Affair (VPI) CIMSA Indonesia 2019-2020. He started his great journey in CIMSA because he was attracted by its fun branding. He felt that CIMSA allowed him to explore new things and from that, he decided to make the best of it by taking advantage of the abundant opportunities here. Kang Kiky was a member of SCORP and a member of the NCORP HR team because he is interested in the realm of work and the issues raised by SCORP.

At first, he joined Training New Trainer at the Pre-October Meeting and got many benefits from there. He was so excited despite at first, he was afraid and nervous to talk in front of a lot of people. As he became a trainer, he learned how to communicate with others, public speaking, developed literature searching skills, and packed the materials which he wants to give to the audience. He also believes that to become a professional trainer, practice makes perfect. Moreover, he told us that everyone can be a trainer. No particular skill is required initially as long as there is an intention to develop from within.

He also joined the October Meeting 2017. This was where he was very addicted to attending the national meeting. He joined National Leadership Summit 2018, May Meeting 2018, and October Meeting 2018. At every meeting, there was always an exciting story that accompanied it. This is what makes the national meeting become a very memorable and a very valuable experience for him.

Not only did he attend national meetings, but also international meetings. He attended IFMSA’s March Meeting 2019 in Slovenia. He said it was a great experience to become one of the delegates from Indonesia. It was totally different from national meetings. The delegates came from various parts of the world and he can witness firsthand how diverse people live on this earth. Furthermore, he also can see various perspectives from the mindset of an issue. The issues brought up at the March Meeting were very interesting and not usually discussed openly in our own country, for example, ethical issues, sexuality, and gender identity.

When he became LOCO CIMSA FK Unpad 2018, he gained a lot of experience. Starting from getting lots of relations due to meeting with LOCO from other locales, to working with various external partners. For example, CIMSA had collaborated with UNESCO and IPB on forest fires in Riau. Also, together with the Dinas Kesehatan Bandung, he became a speaker to commemorate World AIDS Day on Radio Zora Bandung.

After becoming VPI CIMSA Indonesia 2019-2020, he was responsible for CIMSA’s locales, internal of CIMSA, and preparing for national meetings. Entering the third period as a VPI which coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, all activities were required to be carried out online. This was a new challenge for everyone, especially Kang Kiky as VPI.

In summary, there are a lot of opportunities that CIMSA offers us. There are several benefits that can be felt from participating in all the opportunities that exist in Kang Kiky version. According to his own experience, we will get broad relationships, face the characteristics of various new cultures, increase tolerance, learn how to communicate and coordinate, time management, and professionalism.