Training of Research Exchange 2017

Universitas Riau, Riau

On 17th of April, we, as delegates of Training of Research Exchange (T-REX), went to Pekanbaru. The training itself was held for 3 days. We experienced many things. Some of us went to Member Class, others went to LORE Class.

In member class, we were given theories about SCORE recognition. We were also taught how to externalize SCORE publication using CIMSA visual guidelines. The SCORE Fundraising & Merchandising Director also taught us the basic finance theory. The classes were made interactive because we were also given some cases to discuss. Meanwhile, the LORE class mostly discussed the most common problems & issues in the local SCORE.

Other than classes, we also had a fieldtrip. Our fieldtrip took place in Kecamatan Tambang, Kabupaten Kampar. We were divided into groups, then assigned to interview the locals about their knowledge of Tuberculosis. At the same time, other groups were assigned to visit the locals home to educate them about Tuberculosis. This part is actually really interesting because the houses we visited were those of people who are already in treatment for TB. While doing education to the patients, we also noticed another important thing we should really pay attention to is how well we, future doctors, can communicate with the patients in the future, because it is one of our key roles to educate and to assure that the patients know exactly what they’re going through and the things they have to do.  Though we only did some interviews & education, the fieldtrip has somehow opened our minds about the current Tuberculosis problems in reality. It gave us insights about how the education of TB should be performed and how TB remains not well-known as it’s become the most common infectious disease in Indonesia.

After the fieldtrip, we had very inspiring lectures given by dr. Indra Yovi, about Tuberculosis in clinical aspect. The lectures have somehow inspired us to be a smart doctor in diagnosing and treating TB as it’s even the most conventional problem in the hospitals & clinics that contributes in the increasing number of TB.

To conclude, our experiences in T-REX were more than amazing. Other than meeting other medical students all over Indonesia, we also learned many new things that can empower us as medical students, so that we can finally take part in improving our nation’s health.