Depression is the leading cause of health and disability worldwide. Depression might affect people in all ages, from children, adolescent and elderly people. According to WHO, more than 300 million people are now living with depression, there is an increase in number up to 18% from 2005 until 2015. Many of mentally ill individual do not seek treatment due to lack of support, understanding and also fear of the stigma. This what makes WHO conduct a campaign called “Depression: let’s talk” to celebrate this year World Health Day.

As the part of global health community, SCOPH CIMSA Unpad also took part in celebrating this year’s world health day by holding an event called EMOTION “End My Ignorance towards Depression”. The event was held on 28th of April in Institut Teknologi Bandung.

This event aimed to raise public awareness about depression, especially the community of people who has bigger risk to depression. We knew that external factor might be the main reason for someone to be in depression. High demands from academic, organization and also social life made it possible for students to become one who has a high risk of depression. We were aware of this, therefore we chose students to be the target of our project.

In this event, scopheroes educated ITB students in the form of casual sharing session about depression. The intervention was done in two types. One was general, where scopheroes educated ITB students freely. And the other was specific type, the intervention was focused on some faculty which had highest risk of depression among others. The selection of the faculty was based on an assessment we had done before the event. We distributed valid questionnaires to 120 ITB students representing each faculty in ITB. The results showed that STEI, FITB & FTSL were the top three for faculty with highest risk of depression. For this specific intervention, we cooperated with every students association in each chosen faculty.

The intervention went very well and was fulfilled with enthusiasm from the students. The sharing session went very interesting that we had an enjoyable conversation about depression and all its part. The students gave a positive feedback. Before the intervention, we wanted to know how far their knowledge was about depression so we held a pre-test. And also after the intervention, we did a post-test and the result was very good. There was an increase up to 68% in the number of students who scored more than eight in the post-test.

The students were very supportive about this event. They asked for our poster about depression so they could share it to their friends. That’s the most important thing, scopheroes encouraged the students to be aware and care about depression. That depression could be prevented and treated well if we together fight against it by encouraging one another and support each other up. So we could live a better life.