SCOPE (Standing Committee on Professional Exchange) established in 2001 and now has 13 active local committees made up of 13 universities in Indonesia. SCOPE, led by NEO (National Exchange Officer), is the only organization that manages the biggest medical student exchanges issues in Indonesia. Up to now the SCOPE continues to grow from time to time. This year there was 8000 intellectual exchange that occurs between the 85 countries incorporated in the IFMSA. And right now, about 320 Medical students go on an exchange and come to Indonesia for the clinical exchange.

The biggest fieldwork on SCOPE are Incoming and Outgoing Arrangement. In incoming arrangement, SCOPE helps foreign students who want to learn the methods of clinical level in hospital or teaching hospitals in Indonesia through distribution and registration documents to the office and the hospital, and also helped the student accommodation during the period of his/her clerkship in Indonesia. SCOPE also engage students to participate in cultural and social activities, to be able to introduce all aspects of life in Indonesia.

While the outgoing arrangement, SCOPE CIMSA helps students who have the interest and ability to execute clerkship abroad by helping the distribution of the documents required by the country that we already have contract in accordance with procedures.


The Aim of SCOPE is to promote international understanding and co-operation amongst medical students and all health professionals through international medical students’ exchanges.