CORONER (Community Hypertension Eradicator) is a Sustainable Project by CIMSA FK Unpad which has been started since 2015 firstly as a Community Development-based project.

The main goal of this project is to initiate a comprehensive system of management for hypertension and for the risk factors in Desa Cipacing in 2019 which focuses on reducing 10% of the total cases of complication in Jatinangor since 2016.

Earlier this year, Hypertension Screening as one of the activity of CORONER has been successfully done by the new CORONER Organizing Committee of 2017. This activity is carried out in accordance to the event of May Measurement Month 2017 which was led by the International Society of Hypertension during the month of May 2017. Together with Pusdi K3 FK Unpad, we participate in the event by performing hypertension screening exercises throughout the month of May. Also, this activity was done in purpose to gain prevalence of hypertension in
RW 8, create a baseline data for CORONER, and evaluate the development of the target’s salt intake diet and blood pressure.

The hypertension screening used a door-to- door method in which the committee will measure each of the resident inside their houses. The target for the screening was RW 8, and screening for RW 2 will be done in the next few months. The recruited members were then divided into 3 groups and each group will again be divided into 4 smaller teams which consists of 3 to 4 people. Not only measuring the blood pressure, the teams were also interviewing the participant using the questionnaire based on May Measurement Month.

During the Screening, some houses were found empty and some residents refused to be measured after being asked for permission. The screening also finished later than expected. Despite the problems occurred, the committee have successfully organized the screening neatly by improvising with the problems. Overall, the screening successfully covered 50% of total RW 8 residents aged above 40 years old and it went very well. Hopefully, the committee will have learned from the previous screening and prepare for the next screening for RW 2.